Saturday, 20 September 2014

My Little Box | Parisienne

"You’re a necessity and a luxury."
— Zelda to Scott, 1920

Hello, hello.
The hype for certain things rarely gets to me but this was inevitable. To be honest, it was not even that hyped - just mentioned in 2 or 3 magazines I happened to read at work. I am not particularly a fan of the 'beauty box' craze. Why would I want to piled with more useless beauty products every month and pay for it? 

However, My Little Box seemed so much different. First of all, it comes straight from Paris (I was half sold)! And then I saw the beautiful illustrations and gorgeous design of this small wonder. It is just so well-thought from the beginning till the end! Beautiful, girly, detailed and french is just what I needed...

I subscribed (you can always cancel) around the 5th and 10 days later I was anticipating a surprise. It arrived on time, no scratch on it. Every box contains a fashion accessory, inspiration in the form of a postcard-like quote and a picture, cute stickers and products from well-known and loved brands as well as one from My Little Box's own range of cosmetics. Each box has a theme and the first one in the UK comes as the Parisienne Edition hence everything inside is connected to Paris.

I got a very pretty Notebook with a theme-related illustration. Its first few pages present the My Little Box concept and tell you what to expect. There were some pretty stickers and inspirational quote, as I mentioned. The products inside were Laura Mercier Foundation Primer, Nuxe Dry Oil for Hair, Face and Body and My Little Box's Illuminating Pen. I am not too sure how I will test the primer given that I rarely wear full face of foundation these days but it said in the box that girls in Paris wear it with no foundation to help brighten and even out complexion (I don't care if it's complete crap, I want to be Parisienne, ok?). I quite like the oil and I am sure you ladies know it's good. It's a cult product and I'm happy I finally got to try it out. Still haven't made up my mind about the illuminating pen just yet but I will let you know how it goes. What I love most is the small pouch with mini ribbons and My Little Box all over it. It's new home is definitely going to be my bag, I just need to figure out what exactly to put inside. Last but not least (okay, maybe least at the moment) is a computer case which I am pretty sure is meant to be for a small Mac. I was not too impressed but that's because it's too small to put any other type of computer inside and not everyone owns a Mac. Of course, my first thought was "another reason to finally get that ridiculously expensive gadget!" but my consumerist voice aside - it's not so practical. 

All together, I just love it! I was going to cancel my subscription after the first month but I can't bring myself to it, it's just the prettiest little thing to surprise me every month!  

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Monday, 15 September 2014

New Bits and Pieces

"Things may come to those who wait, but only the things left by those who hustle."

Hello, hello. 
Some new things have been added to my stash so I thought it'd be nice to write a mini review about them or just give you sneak peek of what to expect.

As you guys may already know, I have a very complicated relationship with shoes. I rarely buy shoes because I generally don't warm up to them as easily as it happens with clothes. I must be wearing a pair for ages before actually saying: "ok, these are not so horrible and I kinda like them". (This doesn't apply to Converse sneakers, of course.)

 For awhile now I've had my eye on slip-ons (aka plimsolls), particularly the ones from Asos. Price-wise they're awesome, and there is a good variety of patterns, colours and textures. The problem was that every week I changed my opinion about which pair I wanted. 

But then on a bright and happy (pay) day, I ordered the Asos Dockland Plimsolls in Grey Leopard. I really wanted a  basic black pair but decided that a bit of leopard always adds the edge to an outfit. Plus, they are grey so I can wear them with everything. I can't say whether they're comfy or not because I haven't worn them properly yet but my feet are always destroyed by new shoes anyway. I bet that even if I wore Uggs I'd still have gigantic blisters. *Epiphany* On a second thought, maybe that's why I hate buying shoes so much.

Next up is & Other Stories Mediterraneen Body Scrub. Brace yourselves for some serious raving. This scrub is nothing like anything I've ever used before. It seems more like a concoction you'd put together at home rather than your typical exfoliator from The Body Shop. It is a gooey, divine smelling sugar scrub which made me - the 10-minute shower person, enjoy extra 15 minutes just applying this and sniffing it. Maybe I come from Mars, but I have never seen or used a scrub like this before. Excellent stuff.

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Monday, 8 September 2014

Home Sweet Home #1

"Maybe it won’t work out. But maybe seeing if it does will be the best adventure ever."

Hello, hello. 
I wanted to show you my new place for ages now and even though it's not even near the stage of being completely done, I think it's time. Obviously, I won't show you the big plastic boxes behind my door or the improvised trash bin in the form of a Topshop bag but the pretty/interesting things around me which make me quite happy at the moment.

This is my Ikea coffee table (it costs £5, a complete bargain). I was quite excited to put the typical "coffee table" books on it but for now pretty mags will do the job. I've shown you the Vintage Vogue covers I got from Urban Outfitters. My plan is to hang them up above my bed preferably, but I need to find a nice way to do it. Until then they are staying on the table. The reed diffuser and the lamp shade are from TK Maxx. I absolutely recommend it for home stuff.

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Wednesday, 3 September 2014

Let's Talk About Fitness

"Sunshine all the time makes a desert."

Maybe you remember that I mentioned in one of the previous posts how I felt quite unfit and I planned to do something about it. Well, about two weeks ago I did! After the longest search in my life I bought two dumbbells and a pair of trainers and so it began.

Let me clarify that my main problem was that I didn't feel good in my own skin and often I didn't like what I saw in the mirror. That's why I decided to start changing my lifestyle bit by bit and in this post I want to share with you how I am doing this. I am not saying that I'm an expert! Actually, whenever I go to the gym I need proper guidance (refer to the picture on the left). However, I'm a normal person and more or less I've started to feel some changes. At the very least, I feel better about myself just because I am active in some way and if I encourage you to feel better too, then my mission is accomplished.

I was going to start writing about food and what I've been eating but we all know the rules: fruit and veg - good, everything else - don't even think about it! I am not going to lie to myself or to you and I will say quite openly that even though I try to eat healthier now, last week I made three homemade chocolate cakes (and ate one of them by myself). Moving on now...

 I started my quest by hunting for dumbbells. These were the first ones I saw, hated, eventually bought and now I love them *women logic*. I don't know what I was expecting from weights but I didn't like them because of the soft grip. It is absolutely not a problem and I am very happy with them now. If you need something similar, you can check here but I got mine for 10 quid from TK Maxx so keep you eyes peeled because they have great sports stuff on a discount.

Next up were the trainers. I got a pair because it is in my plan to start jogging. Step by step, step by step. I guess everyone is mad about Nike Freerun 5.0 at the moment but I fell in love with a pair from Adidas when I was at home. However, I couldn't find them online anymore. So while randomly browsing the website Adidas Adipure 360.2 came into my life. I loved their design, very clean and simple and they even reminded me a bit of the Nike. I haven't yet properly run in them but they do seem promising.

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Friday, 29 August 2014

5 Current Beauty Favourites

"When you have a connection with someone it never really goes away, you know? You snap back to being important to each other because you still are."
- Alex Vause, Orange Is The New Black

Hello, hello.
I recently noticed that the products I've been using most are actually new in my stash. Some of them have received their fair share of love from the internet and I am not the one to ignore other bloggers' rave. Others have been picked up on the spur of the moment but I definitely don't regret buying them.

I will start with the EOS Lip Balm. I've had my eyes on this for a long time mostly because literally everybody has one. It's kind of annoying. I walked into Bentalls (local Fenwick store) with my friend who was on a shopping spree, and decided that my small budget is quite restrictive so as soon as I saw this little sphere I knew it was time. 

I don't regret it because for some reason I use it all the time! Maybe it's the cool shape or the no-need-to-stick-your-germs-in-the-pot application technique but it's rather nice. To be fair, I think it can compete with any other balm out there and I don't really like that it has a sweet taste but... it's moisturising, it has a nice thick formula without being heavy and nasty on the lips and I've been using it all the time. And only God knows how many lip balms have been ditched by me for no apparent reason. So I hope this little buddy keeps me hooked.

The next winner on the list is Gliss Hair Repair 6 Miracle Oil Essence. It ended up in my stash at the time when I was complaining here that I forgot to bring my hair oil back home with me. I was dying to get a new one and I found this on discount so it was a no-brainer. I am so happy I got it though. My hair has never ever been that sleek, smooth and shiny. I only need two pumps for my whole hair and as you may have seen, it's  not exactly short. I am generally very happy with the brand's products (unlike Pantene but that's a different story). I recommend!

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Thursday, 21 August 2014

Life Through Instagram

"Two people who were once very close can without blame or grand betrayal become strangers. Perhaps this is the saddest thing in the world."
- Warsan Shire


This post took me ages to create. My phone decided not to recover after an update and as a result I had to source my own photos from the internet... How 'awesome' is that? I've been having all sorts of technical issues lately and the only logical explanation is that technology hates me.

Loving: The fact that I have a new place to live *yay*. I am not quite settled  yet but as soon as I feel confident enough, I will show you. It is really nice, a bit chilly at nights, a bit messy in the kitchen but I love it. Shoutout to the two idiots I live with! (look at the panda picture above and you'll know what I'm talking about)

Hating: Can I rant about the UK weather for a bit? 
This is NOT what August should be like, ok? Sweaters and jackets and freezing nights are not acceptable. Especially sunny mornings and then spells of rain and hail every 2 hours.

Craving: So.many.things. Starting from a lovely pair of Adidas trainers through Chanel Les Beiges Healthy Glow Powder to a new leather jacket. And I am not even quite sure how to prioritize those things.

Listening to: Ed Sheeran - X (Full Album) is the best thing that has happened to me in a while. I listen to it literally all the time (yes, even at work). I've always liked Ed Sheeran but until now his songs were "a boy in love" and now they're more like "real man's life". My absolute favourite is Don't.

Reading: I got this Bulgarian book when I was at home "Боксьори и случайни минувачи" Палми Ранчев. 

Secretly Hoping: To start exercising regularly. I just don't feel fit and I need to start doing something about it and that's the easy part. Sticking to it is a different story.

Regretting: I had a whole month at home and barely did anything. I should've gone to so many places and never have time for a free day. In reality (as I expected) I was in my bed half of the time and the other half I was dreading going out in the scorching sun.

Thanks for reading and stay tuned guys!

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Saturday, 16 August 2014

The Perfect Shaving Combo

The best advice I’ve ever received is, ‘No one else knows what they’re doing either.'
 - Ricky Gervais

Hello, hello. Sorry for yet another short absence. I am back in the United Kingdom of Weird Weather hence holiday and good life in general is over for me and after the short disruption, life goes on...

I don't know if it's a strange topic to talk about in the end of August but the other day I realized that I have gold in my hands. You see, I have always been a sufferer of razor bumps and ingrown ickiness. I've tried all the hair removal methods known to mankind but the situation was no good. Until recently, I couldn't settle with my shaving routine either, because no product seemed to fix the problem. But here they are: The Ultimate Shaving Solution with slight focus on the blue wonder in the middle.  

1. BIC Soleil Razor

I don't claim this is the best razor out there (I am pretty sure in the past I've even tried cheaper ones which are better) but it certainly does the job. I like the hold, the shape and overall it's a pretty decent razor. As I said, probably not the best but a good choice. I'd love to try the Venus Olay Razor and while we're on it...

2. Gillette with a touch of Olay Shaving Gel

This was recommended to me by a friend and I am quite happy I got it. It creates thick foam and leaves the skin soft and smooth. I definitely give it the thumbs up.

3. Shaveworks The Cool Fix

This is brilliant and I cannot stress it enough!
 I had a serious issue with razor bumps, redness and ingrown hairs which were massively annoying and for quite awhile I avoided wearing shorts or skirts because of the problem. I tried quite a few products and most of them were not cheap, I can tell you that. The Cool Fix was one of the first things I came across while researching for a good product but for some reason left it for last. So in the beginning of this summer I decided it's my last resort and ordered it. I am not going to lie, the first time I applied it it stung like hell. I read many bad reviews referring to that stinging feeling but for me it went away. I can barely feel it now. There's only a cooling sensation which is not irritating, it's even pleasant. The other issue you may have is the price but those smooth legs are worth it!

Hope you found that useful! Thank you for reading and stay tuned, people! I am not going anywhere...   

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