Friday, 12 February 2016

Everyday Makeup Routine + Video!

“...logical validity is not a guarantee of truth.”
― David Foster Wallace

Hello, hello. 
So I filmed a video.. and this time I actually open my mouth and cross the boundary of speech. Shocker! Jokes aside, I learned that the camera is not that scary at all and I tend to say "usually a lot"... apologies for the latter, hope it's not too annoying. 

I am a newbie in the world of video and YouTube but doing this was really enjoyable. I hope I find some more time and will to film and write regularly. Also to polish my editing skills maybe.. 

My everyday routine has been something I wanted to share with you for ages but there's no better way to do it than to actually show you - hence the video. Some of the products I have raved about, others are new, but they have all stuck with me and are tested and well loved.  

The products I've used:

Clinique Moisture Surge Tinted Moisturiser
Bourjois Healthy Mix Concealer
Urban Decay Naked Basics Original
Maybelline 24 Hour Colour Tattoo Cream Eyeshadow in On and on Bronze
Benefit Hoola Bronzer
MAC Springsheen Sheertone Shimmer Blush (Gosh, what a name..)
Rimmel Exaggerate Lip Liner in Eastend Snob
NARS Satin Lip Pencil in Rikugien
Collection Eyebrow Kit

Shoutout if you have any questions and I will be sooo, so thankful if you let me know what you think of it... 

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Saturday, 6 February 2016

5 Things I've learned from going to the gym

"Acceptance is usually more a matter of fatigue than anything else."
— David Foster Wallace

Hello, hello. The gym talk is here. It's time.

I've been going to the gym regularly for about a year now. If I am correct, I bought my old Adidas trainers exactly one year ago and I didn't even own a decent pair before that. It was kind of pathetic. 
As a side note I can say that physical activity was never really new to me - I used to dance ballet for ages and at one point I'd go to two rehearsals per day; however, that was long, long ago...


Motivation is everything and the truth is, it has to come from your own strong will. I used to look at myself in the mirror and sure - I was quite slim and had that svelte figure, which ballet gifted to me in exchange of sweat and blood (not exaggerating). Also, genes. Yes, genes matter as well but they're not definitive. So the realisation that I didn't like myself that much and knowing what my body was once capable of, pushed me to go for it and sign up. 

And let me tell you, seeing results is an incredible motivation. Beating an extremely low mood in the end of a shitty day is also quite something. After a good session I feel better about myself - knowing that you have done something good for your body does the trick for your mind too. I learned that exercise can keep me sane and make me feel good about myself.


What you eat, obviously, does matter but I'd say everything in moderation. I have cut all processed food as much as I can and to be honest, I don't miss it. Actually, it makes me cringe every time I get close to a frozen pizza or a fast food joint... and I used to love me some KFC. But why would you treat your body as a waste bin and put all sorts of trash in it?

 Don't get me wrong, I love me a juicy burger and fries (holla to all my potato lovers out there!) but the ones which are not made on a conveyer belt. I'd say - be a bit more conscious about where your food comes from and what you put in your body. It does make a difference.

Saturday, 30 January 2016

Life Lately List

"But then it passes, as all things do."
- Khaled Hosseini


Yes, I know the year passed and I didn't really get back to regular writing but ... when it's not there, you can't force it... Whatever that means. 

So here is a quick update of life lately. I was home for Christmas (best feeling ever), went to Milan and it was freezing lovely, I got quite ill twice and got better eventually. Now I am back on track, busy at work but eager to do the things I love (somewhat cheesy, apologies).


Amy Poehler. I don't know why I end up promoting comedians every time I sit down to write this, but she is a genius. What a brilliant, funny and honest woman. I love Parks and Recreation (her mocumentary-style show, which you need to see!) so I decided to read her memoir - Yes, please. I devoured this book in what felt like seconds. It is funny, yes, but also so much more than that. Every chapter I was reading seemed to resonate with me and my life, it was as if a funny lady from my future was giving me life advice. Yes, it won't become a contemporary classic, but it's a great book for sure.

P.S. I also loved Star Wars The Force Awakens - it's awesome!


The commute in London. And don't get me wrong, my commute is pretty average for the place, but it's exhausting and it drains my power every morning before I even get to work. The pros and cons of living in a metropolitan city... I do hate it though.


Mainly sleep these days. Not that I don't get enough of it, there's just room for improvement. I am convinced I could have slept through the last couple of Sundays without a problem. Is this normal? Maybe not...

Listening to

Rihanna's new album ANTI. It went out a few days ago, exclusive to Tidal and Samsung mobile, but who can stay away from the good old Apple people, who generously released it shortly after. I have been hooked - and it's not just your good old gangsta songs, there are a couple of jazz - sounding ones, which are great. Go for it, it's a good album. Plus, I am seeing her and The Weeknd live in June (not bragging at all!).


At the moment I am reading David Foster Wallace's "enthralling narrative adventures" - Consider the lobster. He uses way too many footnotes and can be a bit pretentious in his writing (he makes up his own words!) but boy, do I have the biggest intellectual crush on this man. He is smart beyond possible and it's so obvious. At one point I started imagining having dinner with him and talking about literature and profound existential dilemmas, and then I realised that I would feel positively stupid next to him and probably wouldn't even open my mouth. Let me just say this... I read a 30-page dictionary review and I really enjoyed it. That tells a lot. He probably wouldn't approve of me listening to Rihanna though...

Thanks for reading and stay tuned (no, really, stay tuned)!

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Sunday, 29 November 2015

NARS Glossybox Limited Edition

"The real art of conversation is not only to say the right thing at the right place… but to leave unsaid the wrong thing at the tempting moment."
- Dorothy Nevill

Sorry for being quiet for awhile. I am going back to my regular Saturday/ Sunday posting (hopefully more often) and wanted to start with the exciting NARS Glossybox I managed to get my hands on while hiding in the cafe at work. I was more than excited when I heard about this collaboration because NARS has always been on my radar but I never really got to trying the stuff I wanted and this box was an awesome opportunity to do so. They only had 3000 boxes for sale and the price was £35 for non-subscribers and £30 for subscribers. Unfortunately, it was sold out in about 10 min but keep your eyes peeled for similar Glossybox collabs.

To start with it, it contains a mini version of it's most famous product ever - NARS Orgasm Blush. Firstly, let me say how much I love the sleek rubbery black NARS packaging, I think no other brand can beat that, it's right up my street. As for the blush itself, it is a beautiful pinky gold which I bet will look amazing on me when I'm a bit more tanned. The only problem I've always had with it is that it's a bit glittery. It has those large gold glitter bits, which I am not too sure I want on my face. Will have to report back after I've used it a bit more...

Saturday, 7 November 2015

Nail Secrets

"And yet you are all that you have, so you must be enough. There is no other way."
- Marya Honbacher

Let's talk nails... Dare I say, I have awesome good hands and nails, something I've inherited from my grandmother, I believe. This is probably the only part of me, which I have never ever had doubts about. But we will discuss body confidence some other time. Despite the appreciation I have, doing my nails has always been the most tedious and annoying beauty routine for me. I'd rather be doing anything else. 

However, as my older sister has kindly imprinted in my mind forever, chipped and badly maintained nails are the sign of a sloppy and careless lady and seeing this on other people has become something of a pet peeve; hence, I made a promise to myself that I will make sure I never leave my nails to their own anymore.

Here I should say that my bestie is all about her nails and most of the goodies have either been stolen borrowed from her or I just shamelessly copied her and got the same. I have to say, never been sorry for it. 

Here enters good nail and hand care starting with OPI Nail Envy . This is an old classic, very well-known and tested by many. I'd say it's a bit expensive but you can usually get it cheaper from Amazon (it pains me to recommend this horrible, horrible website, managed by horrible, horrible people but that, again, is a different story). It does the job brilliantly, strengthens the nails and serves as a good polish base. I, however, have a different issue. My nails constantly flake and chip. Maybe it's from the constant tapping on the computer but this has always been the problem. So, I was just randomly browsing in Boots one day and saw Sally Hansen Miracle Cure. It costs a tenner, which is not cheap, but I needed something to fix this once and for all and I had heard some raving about this one. I am not sorry I got it at all - I apply it every 4,5 days and I haven't had a problem with my nails ever since I started using it about a month ago. It's brilliant and I would even recommend it over Nail Envy. Miracle Cure simply saved my nails (dramatic much?).

The Seche Vite Top Coat is another well-loved product by the online community and now me (photo on the left wearing it on top of Barry M). I can't even count how many times people have asked me whether I had gel polish on when, in fact, it's all been Seche Vite's work. It's has a wonderful thick texture which I have never ever seen in another top coat and I'd say it prolongs the polish staying power. It's just a must-have if you love shiny, gel-like nails like me. Again, browse Amazon to get it a bit cheaper. Once you've used this, you'll realise your current top coat is rubbish.

I will be back with some Life Lately updates and eyeliner stuff. Hopefully outfits too.
Stay tuned!

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Thursday, 5 November 2015

Knee High Suede Boots + Sun

"Because in the end, you won’t remember the time you spent working in the office or mowing your lawn. Climb that goddamn mountain."
- Jack Kerouac 

"Tomorrow" became 5 days later, but the time in Wonderland has been very restricted this week due to work commitments, which I do apologise for. This is the first evening when I don't feel completely exhausted; hence, the post has finally arrived.

  I shot this look on Saturday, proudly wearing the boots I didn't show you in the shoes post. They were a complete bargain I found in H&M, keeping in mind that maybe they won't last long precisely because they were on the cheap side (faux suede) and because suede + London i.e. constant rain  = disaster. This couldn't deter me though, because I had this exact outfit in mind for ages and I am quite happy I got to finally show it to you. Speaking of bargains, the blazer was a tenner from the Zara sales last year, so keep your eyes peeled, people. 

In the meantime, I will try to shoot some more outfits because I really missed it!

Boots - H&M (here) | Dress - Zara (here) | Blazer - Zara (old) | Bag - Mango | 
Watch - Marc Jacobs | Sunnies - Rebecca Minkoff | Rings - Topshop

Thursday, 29 October 2015

I've Been Haulin' - Part 2

Some of the worst things in my life never happened.- Mark Twain

 A promise is a promise and here is Part 2 of my hauling. 

Let's start with the new and already quite popular H&M beauty range. Like many others, I was impressed by the variety and quality of their new products. I , too, was a bit negative because maybe I expected lower quality makeup when, in fact, H&M's work is definitely on point. If you haven't yet, go give some of the products a try.

When I went to the Oxford Street flagship, it was like a candy shop and I couldn't hold back and bought the H&M Colour Essence Eye Cream in Countess, which is the perfect everyday shimmer-y shade. I apply it all over the lid and then blend a darker brown into my crease. The result is always great - no creasing at all and very good pigmentation. When I first swatched these (I am totally buying more shades), they reminded me of the Charlotte Tilbury Eyes to Mesmerise because they have a similar (not the same though) mousse - like formula. These are somewhere between the CT shadows and the Maybelline 24H Colour Tattoos, which I absolutely love. 

The only two things which I don't like are the synthetic smell (which I can live with) and the fact that I'm a girl with long nails and when I need to stick a finger in a tub like this, it's not pretty. I do use a brush to apply it, even though I always find that my fingers do a better and quicker job but oh, well...

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